Indian Institute of Science at Kudapura Second Campus


Indian Institute of Science Bangalore celebrated it centenary in the year 2009. To expand its activities, need for a second campus was felt at that time. Indian Institute of Science has acquired a second campus at Kudapura, Challakere, Chitradurga district of Karnataka. The creation of the second campus has been greatly facilitated by the help rendered by the Government of Karnataka. The campus is located at Kudapura 15 Km from Challakere on the Challakere - Naykanahatti Road. Kudapura campus is 220 Km away from the Bangalore campus.


Talent Development Centre (TDC)

The Institute conceived the idea of starting a Talent Development Centre mainly to impart training to science teachers at all levels, to conduct discussion meetings, seminars, winter and summer schools, provide academic and research facilities for the young high school, college, and University students. High School Science Teachers Training Program (HTTP)is considered a priority because it is in the high schools the students are introduced to science. Science education is crucial for the development of our Nation. It is the experience of the Institute that if the teachers are trained, vast number of students gets benefitted for a long period of time. Therefore at IISc Kudapura, HTTP.


Vision of High School teachers Training

The primary vision of this program is teaching and training teachers to teach students with passion. Motivation to higher level of intellectual activity is more important than just giving lectures to the participating teachers and covering the course syllabus. The Hall mark of the IISc academic program is in its rigor, honesty of purpose, simplicity, humility, sincerity, time consciousness, hard work and delivery. It is the research and the research attitude that drives the Institute. If an event is announced in IISc it takes place at the appointed time. Can we inculcate in these teachers the Indian Institute of Science culture of learning?


How to reach IISc at Kudapura?

One can reach the new campus by road via Bangalore- Tumkur-Sira- Hiriyur on the national Highway No. 4 and turn right to Bellary road to Challakere. With Kudapura is on the Challakere- NykanaHatti road. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach the new campus by car. Chitradurga is 30 Km from Challakere.